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Armed with classic WWII era weapons,
A green soldier, Private First Class Ronald Red Daniels was plunge into some of history's most brutal conflicts, The Axis vs. the Allies.
Work with your squad if you hope to survive, calling for covering fire, health packs, and ammunition.
In addition to the standard 1 player campaign experience,
a completely different co-op.

Multiplayer places characters into divisions, allowing them to start in the lower ranks of classifications like infantry, armor, and airborne.
As their knowledge grows, they move up the ranks to unlock new options.
War mode pits players against each other in combat, and focuses on objective based gameplay.
A Headquarters space forms as a social space for players to interact between games, the lobby structure of past titles are thing of the past.

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Distribuidor Autorizado de Video Games para toda a América do Sul, América Central e Caribe.

Mais de 20 anos por distribuição de jogos de vídeo e acessórios para os mercados Latino-Americanos e Caribenhos.

Obtenha os jogos mais vendidos a preço de atacado para o seu negócio.

O registro é a maneira mais fácil e mais simples de acessar, organizar e obter uma lista de nosso inventário 24 horas todos os dias.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Stock Status Available
Release Date Nov 3, 2017
UPC 047875881143
Platform Xbox One
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